OU Cousins Thanksgiving

Last week I met my OU cousin Emma at the Cousins Thanksgiving Dinner. It was a really interesting event. Surprisingly few people had come even though the food was free, but it made for a less crowded atmosphere. They had all the classic Thanksgiving dishes – turkey, mashed potatoes, and the all-important pumpkin pie, as well as some sides and desserts that seemed typical to me. I felt like it was a good representation of the average Thanksgiving meal. They chose to play Christmas music in the background and decorate the tables with candy canes, which I almost laughed at because it seemed like a reference to the “Christmas encroaching on Thanksgiving” argument that always goes around social media this time of year – another American experience for students studying from abroad. Interestingly enough one of the songs that came up was one I’d never heard of, but my Emma and her friend had. It was a song that is popular in England around this time of year that came up on some OU Cousins student officer’s Pandora radio!
The food was really good – my cousin, her friend Clair (who was also from England), and I all had to go back for more mashed potatoes because they were so great – and we had a lot of fun talking to the other cousins that were there. It was a great way to meet new people, and I even got to see a few of the students I talked to from other countries at the matching party back in September. All in all it was a really fun experience!