Fulbright Information Session

Even halfway into my second semester as a GEF I had almost no idea what the Fulbright program was really about. I knew it sent students abroad for about a year after college, but that was pretty much it. Even the website didn’t give me a good idea of what it was really about, so attending an info session seemed like my next best option for figuring out what I’m really signed up for.
The info session was extremely helpful. Having my options for how to participate in this program explained in a plain conversation made Fulbright much easier to understand. However it’s going to take me a long time to decide how exactly I would want to participate. Graduate school probably wouldn’t be a good option for me as I’ll be going to vet school either after college or after this program, and I really don’t need a master’s degree in the middle. That leaves either research or English teaching, and I’m not sure which is more appealing to me. As a chemistry/pre-veterinary major research might be the more practical option, but I really don’t know what I would want to research. English teaching sounds amazing to me, but I have no idea where I would want to go or if I would even have a good chance in this program since I’m really only proficient in Spanish (and probably not enough so to compete with other applicants applying to Spanish speaking countries).
Although the application process is still at least two years away for me, I’m glad I went to this information session so early. This way I know what my options are and I have plenty of time to consider them and come to a decision early enough to create a really good application. The best part is that I went before my first trip abroad, so now when I go I can keep a look out for research I might want to do.