Global Engagement Day – Panel

I really enjoyed serving on the “Preparing for Your Adventure” panel this year, it really let me reminisce on my time abroad last summer, and at the same time it let me get some good advice for my next trip from the other panel members and even from the students there to listen.
The topic that just seemed to keep coming up was packing – how to pack, what to pack, and how much was too much. (Hint from personal experience: if you can’t carry the suitcase up and down two flights of stairs to take a pedestrian overpass over a highway, it’s too much). And packing really seems like the thing that can make or break your trip. Going out of the country for weeks or months at a time, it seems catastrophic to get there and realize you left one thing at home that you needed – but it definitely isn’t. Other countries have stores too, and short of prescription glasses and medicines, you can find almost anything you actually need wherever you are. (If you can’t find it, odds are pretty good that you can survive without it). The greater danger is over packing – as I learned the hard way. Having too much stuff just becomes an issue when you’re traveling. You’re likely moving from place to place pretty regularly – especially if you’re on a shorter study abroad, a few weeks to a month or so. The more stuff you have, the harder it is to move. You have to lug really heavy stuff around, and you might even have to take more expensive travel options (Ryan Air and Easy Jet don’t allow full sized suitcases). My rule now is to lay out what I need, cut it in half, and then think really really really hard about whether I still need that stuff, and try to cut it in half again. (The second part doesn’t always happen, but it’s a good goal to aim for, and it usually gets me down to a reasonable amount of stuff).
But the biggest thing to remember is that YOU’RE ABROAD. Over or under packed, you’re in a new country, probably on a new continent and maybe even in a new hemisphere of the world. You’re seeing and doing things you may never experience again in person. Over or under packing or forgetting something can be annoying, but ultimately it won’t take away from your overall experience. So once you’re on the plane, just take what comes. Make it work, and go with the flow – you learn that one fast abroad. Enjoy your trip, and don’t stress about your suitcase. You’re not abroad to show off your packing skills.

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