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Last week I went to the Journey Programs Launch Party to hear about the journey study abroad programs. I’d already selected my short study abroad trip, but I wanted to hear about other options just to see if I did want to go somewhere else. The problem arose when I realized that I did want to go somewhere else, or more accurately, everywhere else. I walked into the meeting mostly interested in the Italy program, and left desperately wanting to go on every single program! I felt like the travel bug got me a long time ago, but the descriptions of those programs just highlighted how fascinating every part of the world can be. I never really considered visiting Peru or Tunisia, but after listening to professors and students talk about those programs I was completely sold. I realized that when looking for study abroad programs, it is best to keep an open mind. So far I’ve been researching and selecting programs based mostly on how they’ll help me get my degree or help with my future career. Maybe I shouldn’t worry quite so much about that though. Just being able to put “studied abroad in ___” is a huge bonus on a resume, so why worry about making the trip fit exactly with my future plans? I’ve been told to take some classes that interest me, whether they help with my degree or not. Maybe I should approach study abroad in the same way, because in reality I’ll probably get more out of it that way.

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So this is the slightly awkward place where I'm supposed to describe myself in like two sentences. I am a Chemistry/Pre-Vet major aiming to become a zoo vet someday. I'm into BBC shows, fantasy novels, and staying up way too late with my roommates. I spent a summer in Italy studying organic chemistry and getting lost on the train system, and now I'm in Australia, studying instrumental chemistry and getting lost on the bus system. I guess some things never really change.

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