Italy Week

After my summer in Arezzo it’s hard for me to miss out on Italy week at OU. I know it’s largely promotional to get more students to go to OUA, but for me it’s a trip down memory lane. I swing by the oval on my way to class and pick up a piece of biscotti, and I flash back to having Vin Santo and biscotti with my classmates in Cinque Terre on our weekend off, or I’ll taste test American and Italian Nutella and recall having Nutella crepes and gelato after class in Arezzo – and yes, I can tell American and Italian Nutellas apart. The more I recall, the more I want to go back and do it all again and see even more of Italy. I fully intend to make it back to Europe someday, whether it’s on a Fulbright or otherwise, and when I do I’ll definitely be stopping back by a few of my favorite haunts in Arezzo. It was there that I caught the travel bug in the first place, I won’t miss a chance to go back now.

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So this is the slightly awkward place where I'm supposed to describe myself in like two sentences. I am a Chemistry/Pre-Vet major aiming to become a zoo vet someday. I'm into BBC shows, fantasy novels, and staying up way too late with my roommates. I spent a summer in Italy studying organic chemistry and getting lost on the train system, and now I'm in Australia, studying instrumental chemistry and getting lost on the bus system. I guess some things never really change.

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